About BTD

D&D, TTRPGs and Board Games

Hi, my name’s Mark. I’m a geek and I love good times with friends, storytelling and creating, so it was perhaps inevitable that I’d find my way to tabletop roleplaying and board gaming. For me, these hobbies are a great mixture of my passions. The interaction between the social elements and gameplay, the collaborative environment created and creative outlet these hobbies can provide, and the immersive experience they’re capable of creating are all things that are hard to replicate and that I can’t get enough of. 

The immense online community surrounding D&D, the larger RPG world and board gaming has made it easier than ever to extend this love into something larger. This website – and its accompanying Youtube channel and other outlets – are an extension of the creative and collaborative process I enjoy so much at the table.  As with learning and growing as a player, GM and creative collaborator, I expect to bumble my way through much of this, but be better for it in the long run.