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What is D&D, how to get started, and resources for both new and veteran players and Dungeon Masters.

Dungeons & Dragons is a tabletop roleplaying game (RPG or TTRPG). In it, the Dungeon Master (DM, or sometimes Game Master/GM) sets the stage and acts as rules arbiter, while a group usually consisting of 3-6 players interact with that world based on their decisions. The game is one of collaborative storytelling between players and DM, with some elements handled by the game’s mechanics and others handled simply by talking through an action or dialogue scene.

Dungeons & Dragons is decades old and is on its 5th edition (5e). This edition is arguably the most popular in its history! More people discover, or rediscover, D&D every day.

The reasons people play RPGs are myriad. For some, it’s the chance to inhabit and roleplay another persona. For others, it’s the excitement of the unknown within the game world and seeing how in-game decisions manifest. For some, it’s simply a fun social experience and a great way to spend time with friends in shared narrative space. And for many DMs, it’s a creative outlet and a chance to create interesting worlds and adventures for players to interact with. The freedom and possibility afforded by the game’s structure allows for games of every type, which means it can appeal to nearly any interested gamer!

What do you need to start playing Dungeons & Dragons? Not much. If you’re just trying it out and someone is willing to teach you and provide supplies, you may just have to show up, ready to learn. If you’ll be playing regularly, get yourself a Player’s Handbook and read through it to get a grasp of the rules. Next, buy a set of dice and have some character sheets and pencils at the ready. Lastly, find a group that is excited to learn and play as well. If you’re going to be a Dungeon Master (DM), running the game, you should pick up and read the DM’s Guide and Monster Manual as well. A DM may also need a generic battle mat and tokens to use as character and monster markers, but even those are technically optional to simply get started. There are lots of extras that can be bought and used, but very little that’s necessary for a great time!

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Adventures & Supplements

All of my personal creations, including adventures and supplements for 5e, can be found here.

The world of D&D is vast, and there are awesome creators and amazing content not listed above. I also couldn’t list everything I’ve made, so I encourage you to explore the site. I hope some of the resources above help you improve your game, and more than anything, I hope you have fun playing!

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