Five Cool RPG Plot Hooks

Steal these hooks if you need some inspiration!


There are an endless number of great plot hooks. Sometimes, though, we struggle for inspiration. If you’re stuck, or just enjoy considering new ideas for adventures, here are a handful I find intriguing. Enjoy!

One: The party dispatches a crime lord. But in the wake of the crime boss’s death/capture, there’s a power vacuum and various other figures and factions vie to take control over the territory. How do the players respond? Do they choose to install a new leader, or attempt to eradicate other competing organizations?

Two: A PC is falsely accused of murder and taken into police custody. Who framed them? And will the players need to spring them from jail, or find another way to prove their innocence?

“If you’re stuck, or just enjoy considering new ideas for adventures, here are a handful I find intriguing.”

Three: After a night of hard drinking, the party awakens with no memory of the night before, and in their possession is a donkey, what appears to be a wedding ring, and clues to their stops the night before. The donkey is secretly a polymorphed human, who is set to be wed at noon. What happened? And can the party restore the donkey before his wedding?

Four: A note arrives for the players, informing them of explosions that are set to go off within the hour. A series of clues are given to them to help them hunt down the explosives. But the chase is merely a distraction for a more nefarious plot. Who sent the message, and what are they doing while the party is distracted disarming the explosives?

Five: A circus has been taking in orphans in a large city, but they go missing shortly after. The City Guard are doing nothing, suggesting collusion with a high-ranking official. Some children approach the party and ask for help in finding their lost friends.

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