Five Cool Plot Hooks Vol. 3

Steal these hooks if you need some inspiration!


There are an endless number of great plot hooks. Sometimes, though, we struggle for inspiration. If you’re stuck, or just enjoy considering new ideas for adventures, here are a handful I find intriguing. Enjoy!

One: A group of foolhardy young men and women have stolen a dragon egg, and they’ve discovered that the dragon is looking for them. The party is asked to help the thieves escape or to return the egg without invoking the dragon’s wrath.

Two: An elder fey spirit has become trapped on the Prime Material Plane, fused in the trunk of a long-dead tree. It reaches out to a nature-oriented member of the party (Ranger, Druid, etc.) and offers a reward if the character can bring it a “spark of the fey” to reignite its power.

“If you’re stuck, or just enjoy considering new ideas for adventures, here are a handful I find intriguing.”

Three: A minor deity that is considered to be evil is, in fact, simply misunderstood and is a goodly deity. A devout, good-aligned party member is visited in a dream with this knowledge, and tasked with converting or eradicating the evil worshippers of the deity.

Four: A wizard approaches the party and asks them to destroy the simulacrum, who has become unable to be dispelled and has turned on its creator. If the supposed simulacrum is approached, he claims the same of the other. Which is to be believed?

Five: Mists around a lake swirl continuously, and seem to form the images of strong memories from the PCs’ past. A figure swirls to life before them – a woman – that is a particularly strong, old memory of someone else. The woman asks them to help bring her killer to justice. Upon investigating, the killer is an old man who is cared for by his loving daughter. Can justice be found?

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