Five More Cool RPG Plot Hooks

Steal these hooks if you need some inspiration!


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There are an endless number of great plot hooks. Sometimes, though, we struggle for inspiration. If you’re stuck, or just enjoy considering new ideas for adventures, here are a handful I find intriguing. Enjoy!

One: The party is tasked with obtaining one specific item in a dragon’s hoard, a dragon that is far beyond their power. The item is a clockwork mechanism and is not particularly powerful or expensive, except when combined with a specific device. Does the party attempt to barter with the dragon? Complete a task for her? Or steal the item?

Two: The party are invited to a high-stakes gambling hall, which is normally reserved for the elite. The host has been taken over by an intellect devourer who is using the game to recruit new host bodies for its brethren.

“If you’re stuck, or just enjoy considering new ideas for adventures, here are a handful I find intriguing.”

Three: The only key to a family’s treasure vault sank with the ship that bore the family’s patriarch. The party is hired to recover it, but not by a member of the family. What other individuals are interested in the vault, and whom should the party trust?

Four: The party receives a flier for a rave later in the week at a local abandoned warehouse. Groups are asked to dress up in themed, matching attire, and can enter a group dance contest for gold and glory. The party has three days to find suitable attire and practice their routine.

Five: A local contact hires the party to steal a powerful magic weapon. The mansion it resides in is well-guarded. Upon their success, it’s revealed that the owner of the sword hired them through their contact, as a test. He has his sights on the most opulent prizes in the city, and will share the spoils. Will the party accept his offer?

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