New Year's Resolutions

Some exciting new stuff for Bumbling Through Dungeons!


I never liked New Year’s Resolutions. Until I did. I was stuck with an addiction to soda, which is basically the worst food/drink for you that’s available everywhere. I had tried slowly weaning myself off it several times, with no success. So I made a New Year’s resolution, and went cold turkey.

And it stuck.

So hey, maybe they work, I thought. And that’s what got me making yearly resolutions. I still don’t tend to make tons of resolutions, because it’s both an arbtirary date, and because if I make too many, several are doomed to fail. But I like to take stock of my plans and goals at year’s end, and revise or update them as necessary.

As it pertains to Bumbling Through Dungeons, I have a few. This first year was an experiment, and it’s one I greatly enjoyed. But the first iteration is rarely the best one. So I’ve had a whole year to think about how I want to pivot. Here are some of those goals.

“This first year was an experiment, and it’s one I greatly enjoyed. But the first iteration is rarely the best one.”

1. More short-form video content:

I like taking a broad topic and dissecting it for 12-25 minutes. Those videos won’t be going away. But I want to expand what I do to include more quick videos that are much narrower in scope. It will allow some creativity and variance

2. DM’s Guild Content:

This isn’t a new goal, but more of a continuation of last year’s content on the DM’s Guild. I truly enjoyed creating maps, adventures and other materials for the game. And there will be more of that. Some will be more of the same, while a few projects will be more ambitious in scope. I’m not ready to announce anything just yet, but I look forward to creating more in the coming months for the community!

3. Play or DM in Two Campaigns

This was the same “at the table” goal I had last year, and I was able to not just achieve it but exceed my expectations. Not even counting the Curse of Strahd campaign that wrapped up in early 2019, I DM’d Waterdeep: Dragon Heist in the spring, DM’d a homebrew campaign set in Baldur’s Gate from spring to summer. I also got to play in an Eberron campaign that started in late summer, and ran/played a handful of one-shots and non-D&D RPGs in the latter half of the year, which was great!

I expect more of the same this year. I have some ideas for awesome homebrew campaigns, and have a couple friends itching to DM as well.

4. More Blog Content

I’m a writer. It’s how I pay the bills. I also happen to really enjoy writing. The video work is sometimes more of a chore, because it doesn’t come as naturally to me, but I can always sit down and just write.

So there will be more of that. Short articles. Long articles. Review, deep dives, session reports, philosophical musings, and anything else I can think of. All with the shared thread of tabletop games.

What are your D&D New Year’s Resolutions? Let me know on Twitter @BTDungeons, and if you enjoy my content, be sure to subscribe on Youtube!