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An introduction to me and my gaming content.


Hello, and welcome to Bumbling Through Dungeons, my corner of the internet where I talk about Dungeons & Dragons, board games, and other and occasionally other gaming topics. Some things you might want to know:

  • My name’s Mark.
  • I grew up at the exact right time in history for people to want to nickname me “Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch” as a kid. I sort of grudgingly accepted it for a couple years until Marky Mark wasn’t a thing anymore. In retrospect, I think it’s worse for the people who thought that that nickname was a good idea in the first place.
  • Other nicknames that I’ve had in my life include “Uber” (before the ride-sharing service was a thing), “Sweatpants,” due to how often I wore them in college (still a great decision, imo), and “Professor,” only because I beat the other kids to getting glasses in grade school by like two weeks.
  • None of the nicknames have stuck. I’m holding out for “Wolfsteak,” but I’m not sure I have enough charisma to pull off a nickname of that level.

About Bumbling Through Dungeons

Bumbling Through Dungeons is about having fun. I don’t have all the answers as a DM (dungeon master) or player. However, I do consider myself to be very reflective, introspective, analytical and thoughtful about improving myself in the hobby, and I think I have a flair for sharing that passion with others.

I know I’m going to bumble through some of this, as all of us do in the infinite expanse that is the D&D and larger gaming universe. But, much like gaming at the table, we can bumble through it together, and hopefully have some fun in the process.

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I’m also active on Board Game Geek and its sibling site RPG Geek. You can find me talking about a variety of topics on those sites.

Why D&D, TTRPG and Board Games?

I love creating, and a number of years back I hit a rut in my life where I felt that all I was doing was consuming media. Individually, movies, TV, books, games, etc. are all great. But collectively, something was missing.

Then I (re)discovered D&D, and it scratched that creative itch in a way that made me realize it was something I wanted to stick with. The interaction between its social elements and gameplay, the collaborative environment it creates and creative outlet it provides, and the immersive fun it’s capable of, are all things that are hard to replicate and that I can’t get enough of.

This site – and its accompanying outlets – is an extension of the creative process that happens at the table. I hope the content informs you, entertains you, or both.

And regardless of where you are or how you found this page, thank you for visiting!